Top ranked High Quality Handcrafted Furniture in Bangalore

Top ranked High Quality Handcrafted Furniture in Bangalore

Having the right home of our own may be a dream for several folks. It’s the accumulative satisfaction of line of work one thing our own beside the sensory gratification of being enclosed by the physical manifestation of our personal aesthetics. That’s why it’s very necessary to seek out the simplest home article of furniture in urban centre for your dream home.

When buying the right home article of furniture in urban centre, you may bump into multiple choices in terms of quality, price, aesthetic and accessibility. At Dashsquare, we have a tendency to compile of these factors to produce you the simplest deal on the simplest furniture. If handcrafted article of furniture is what your heart needs, then this can be one in all the simplest luxury article of furniture stores in urban centre to cater thereto.

There is an enormous craze for handcrafted article of furniture these days. Why is that? There’s one thing naturally additional valuable a few product that has been fastidiously created over many days by somebody, rather than the generic product, that square measure machine generated during a manufactory. The most important quality regarding owning handcrafted article of furniture is that they can’t be duplicated. No 2 handcrafted articles of furniture items are often similar – as there’ll be variations in color, shading, textures, form and grain.

At Dash square, you’ll expertise actuality luxury of handcrafted product that is created by article of furniture consultants. Most of our handcrafted article of furniture product lines is often custom-made in step with your personal style. You’ll choose a metal leg or associate degree tangled and solid prosthetic device, you’ll choose a animal skin upholstery or a comfy material one. You’ll even take completely different colors once it involves handcrafted article of furniture. Once combined along, each single component can close to form one thing distinctive and delightful, only for your home.

Be it an impressive four poster bed to mollycoddle yourself within the chamber or a singular lounge to entertain guests within the lounge, handcrafted article of furniture won’t solely offer you quality things of ornament for your personal heaven, however additionally build your home look one during a million. thus head on right down to the Dash sq. luxury article of furniture store in urban centre, to buy for stunning and distinctive handcrafted home article of furniture in urban centre.

5 Reasons You Must Invest In Quality Furniture

5 Reasons You Must Invest In Quality Furniture

Our desire to save money may lead us to miss out on the advantages that come along with spending on quality rather than quantity. Be it groceries, daily goods or clothing, people try to save on just about everything nowadays. However, if you are always drawn to buying cheaper things it could lead you to invest more money in the long run. When it comes to furniture, you can either go for inexpensive furniture dealing with the danger of it falling apart or you can put your money into quality furniture that will last you a lifetime.

Though quality furniture from luxury furniture showrooms might require a huge investment initially, there are many benefits that come along with it. Let’s have a look at some of them;

  1. It will last longer

When there is better quality, there is the guarantee of a lifetime. This is the best and simplest advantage of going high quality over low prices. For instance, a dining table from your local home furniture store might last you 3 years before you see its deterioration signs, while one from a high quality brand shop will give you 50 years before you need to replace it. Not only will it provide you durability, it will also result in more savings. There is no doubt that well-crafted furniture made from fine quality raw materials will stay put for longer than the cheaper ones.

  1. It is better suited to your personality

If you are willing to pay a little more, it will open up possibilities to a wide array of designs and styles of home furniture that you will love. High end furniture will offer you more convenient features with better functionality that mass produced furniture can’t. Customizable furniture gives you the opportunity to experiment and put it to best use according to your taste. This will help you make that unique statement you’ve always wished for. Visit any one of the numerous home decor shops to find the perfect fit for your home.

  1. It will reciprocate to your needs

In contrast to the conventional one-size-fits-all, quality furniture serves the best according to your needs. Any furniture you purchase must fit both your needs and your home perfectly. With quality furniture you have a broader selection that allows you to choose the furniture pieces that make sense to you.

  1. Your expense will be worth it

As mentioned above, high grade furniture lasts longer. This means you won’t be replacing it frequently. So, if you spend a hefty amount on quality living room pieces once, you will eventually find that your money has been put to good use. While you may find couches from a discount shop cheap at first, they may easily have to be replaced in a span of 5 years or so.

  1. Furniture that becomes a heritage

Expert craftsmanship and solid materials make for a piece which can be passed down for generations. It is the combination of classic style and quality which has the potential to become a family heirloom making it perfect to be cherished by everyone in the family for the years to come. When you invest in your home you get a sense of pride that brings more positivity in your life. Hence, the more you pay attention today, more it bodes well for the future.

We hope these are reason enough for you to head out to purchase the ideal furniture to design the house of your dreams. If you are looking for high quality furniture at affordable prices it is time you pay a visit to any of the Dashsquare furniture showrooms in Bangalore.

How to increase productivity with great office furniture?

How to increase productivity with great office furniture?

Every piece of furniture plays an important role in your life, especially office furniture. You spend most of your day at your workplace, at least eight to nine hours. The place we spend most of our times at has a huge contribution on our behavior and shapes our personality. This impact on our behavior promotes both physical and mental well-being, ultimately affecting our creativity and productivity. The ambiance has the ability to both lift your mood and bring it down. This is the main reason that most office spaces are giving their workplaces an innovative makeover by including new and stylish executive office furniture in their office.

It may seem that furniture would be the last thing affecting one’s productivity at work, and something you and your business need not worry about. However, you’ll be surprised to know the importance of office furniture in improving your organization’s productivity. Here we take a look at some of the things you can do with your office furniture to maximize the workplace productivity.

  1. Ergonomic Office Chairs offer comfort

When putting together furniture for your office, the comfort of your employees should be one of your prime concerns. Ergonomic office chairs offer more than mere comfort. They help provide a better posture in turn preventing both short and long-term musculoskeletal problems. Readjusting positions constantly might sway the employees’ focus from their work affecting the progress. On the contrary, comfortable employees can emphasize on the task at hand achieving better results. Each individual has a different built and height; and an ergonomic chair suit everyone’s need in the best possible manner. It is designed in a way which gives freedom to the user for making adjustments to find the most optimal height and angle for them to work.

  1. Vibrant colors bring enthusiasm

Colors have forever been proven to assist in lifting one’s spirit. With bright colored office furniture, you can be sure to alleviate stress and increase creativity of your employees. Therefore, you need to carefully research before you decide the color for your office décor and furniture.

Vibrant colors offer a pleasant working environment promoting enthusiasm in your team. Some of the best choices could be green, blue and yellow. You can contrast these with a white or neutral color on the walls.

  1. Easy access to most used items

Be it a printer or a water cooler, it is imperative to keep them handy to ease the efforts for your employees. Often, workers put off their work in order to get up and go to an additional place to complete a certain task. This will gradually hinder their productivity. Hence, keeping items at a place which is easily accessible will benefit their work. 

  1. Natural Lighting is important

In addition to the type of office furniture you choose, you should consider proper positioning of the same as well. A lack of natural light might cause negative effects on people, affecting their sleep patterns. This ultimately impacts their functional abilities throughout the day making them less productive. More natural lighting coming inside the office makes the employees better focused and more alert. It also prevents any complications is sleep quality, daytime dysfunctions and sleep disturbances.

  1. Standing desks make you healthier

Sitting for prolonged hours comes with its own set of negative health effects. A standing desk is a start to solving this issue. Office workers are often advised to take a break and get up to make movements throughout the day. Whenever it is not easy to just walk away from the task at hand, standing desks come into play. They are proven to reduce the risks of obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases along with improving posture.

Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Furniture Shopping!

Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Furniture Shopping!

Buying furniture has forever been a tiring and complex task. You don’t buy a sofa just the way you buy an oven or a laptop. Most of the time, you can’t even carry the couch out of the store with you, nor do you have a great idea of when it will get to your living room. While people spend months to find the perfect home or the ideal car, seldom do they give the same importance to buying the asset that makes their home unique, i.e. furniture. Though you might feel that the stakes are not too high for buying an uncomfortable couch as they are if you buy a tiny car, but unknowingly you will spend most of your money in buying furniture in the years to come.

Thanks to the digital age and the advent of more stores than ever, there are a million options for you to choose from. It might be both advantageous and confusing at the same time. At one hand, it is great that you can now compare and make a good choice; on the other hand you might get duped due to various sales tactics that high end furniture brands offer you. You must have flipped through the pages of every furniture catalogue known to man, racking up a pile at home by now. But rush in too quickly and you’ll make mistakes that you might regret later. Let us check some of the most common mistakes made while furniture shopping.

  • Forgetting to take measurements:

This is the most common mistake out of all. You should always measure your room ahead of buying the furniture to see how the new furniture will fit. There is nothing worse than buying brand- new furniture only to discover that it won’t get through your doorway. Taking account of your doors, elevators, stairs and hallways will turn out to be beneficial in this regard.

The same goes for the furniture as well. Since showrooms can make furniture look deceptively large or deep, you don’t want any last minute surprises. Hence, it is important to measure so that your new piece can match the scale of the furniture you already own.

  • Not assessing your lifestyle:

Selecting pieces that suit your lifestyle is imperative, not only for the present but for the years ahead as well. You should know how long to plan on keeping a certain piece of furniture, and the lifespan of the same. Whether you prefer watching the television while sitting on the couch or usually put your feet up that center table, you must analyze these aspects when buying any kind of furniture for your home.

  • Heading straight for the ‘Set’:

Feeling overwhelmed with all the choices available to you is a natural thing if you are a first-time furniture shopper. This might make you more inclined to just grab the entire display that catches your eye on different catalogues or at a store, and furnish your home with it.

Your sofa and chairs or your coffee tables need not match, but must complement each other instead. Designing is all about experimenting with different textures or styles, and mixing tones till you find the perfect one for your room. You can buy any Ashley Furniture sofa sets or create one of your own at our store.

  • Ignoring the functionality:

Another important aspect is to consider the functionality of the furniture you need to buy and knowing who will be using it. Especially, people with pets or children need to consider the same when they head out to empty their pockets on an expensive piece of furniture. You wouldn’t want to buy a light coloured couch, only to find it filled with muddy paws or dirty hands once at home. Determining the sturdiness, quality and durability should be combined with how the furniture will be used.

  • Rushing Into Everything:

It is never an ideal idea to rush into anything. Especially when it comes to buying furniture, impulse decisions could lead to your worst nightmares. You should resist the urge to make hasty decisions and impulse buying is one of them. Think about the comfort level, the quality of the wood, know the maintenance a piece will require in the years to come, and stay within your price range unless it is something worth it.

Make sure you keep these in mind, when you are out shopping the next time. Without knowing you will help yourself from any potential problems in the future. Drop by Ashley Furniture Store to build the home of your dreams.


Why Choose In Store Furniture Shopping Over Online

Why Choose In Store Furniture Shopping Over Online

Though technology has brought the world closer to us, making our lives easy, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Just because you can buy virtually anything online, doesn’t mean you should. There is a high possibility that you might miss something important while short listing products online. On the other hand, in store shopping reaps you benefits which you will find better to invest in.

Here we present a few factors which will encourage you to shut down your browser window and pay a visit to our luxury furniture store.

  1. Delivery options: It may seem easy to book and get your selected furniture home delivered, but there’s something you are unaware of. The key issue to consider here is how quickly you need the product. The option of same-day delivery is still not available easily and mostly limited to select cities, if it is. Though, the truth is that the online delivery is not much faster than shopping in person, and in many cases it actually takes longer.
  2. You don’t always get what you see: This is a very probable aspect of online shopping, making it one of the biggest disadvantages. While you can easily make out how a piece of furniture will look when you are shopping in store, you cannot say the same about purchasing one online. When you see something online, you can’t gauge how it will turn up in reality. But, in stores you get to check the look and feel of the product, by touching it or sitting on it and complete all quality tests before making the purchase. A computer screen won’t let you do the same, calling for a replacement many a times.
  3. Offers and Deals:

The belief that you get better offers and discounts than you get in stores might be true for certain products, but not all the great ones. Most of the products are priced about the same online as they are in the store. Retailers save some of their jaw dropping prices during the holiday season for their in store buyers in the form of a mega sale. Need I say more?

  1. False reviews:

It is easy to believe reviews stating that a certain piece of furniture is excellent which will prompt you to make the purchase. But, once you receive it you might not find the quality up to the mark. This is the drawback of reviews. Just because the furniture worked well for one individual, doesn’t mean it will be a good experiences for others too. Your choices and standards might vary from other users and you might not end up as happy as other users with the same product. 

  1. Return hassles:

Returning large products like a couch or a bed could prove to be a hassle if you turn to your plan B. This makes it more important to check out bulky items in person before you buy them. You might find free shipping with some online stores, but it is rare that they will pay for the return trip as well, or might not be available in your area.

  1. Shipping charges:

If you place an order from a source distant to your location, it would most probably cost you shipping in addition to the price of the product. When compared to the local stores that are available nearby your house, the delivery charges are pretty reasonable for you to work it. You even have the option to take the product to your desired location by yourself.

Dashsquare continuously strives to provide users the best furniture shopping experience there is. We ensure that you get supreme quality for every penny you spend on the furniture at our store. Be it luxury furniture for living room or luxury office chairs¸ you will find everything to your liking at one place.

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Picking the Ideal Sectional Sofa for Your Home

Picking the Ideal Sectional Sofa for Your Home

When shopping for a sofa, everyone is hoping to find a sectional for their living room. And, why not? They provide more seating options, serve as a great space saver and offer a more contemporary look. It is something that proves to be comfortable for relaxing, watching TV, reading a book or lounging.

But, before you loosen your purse strings to go buy one, let us tell you a bit about the types of sectional sofas you will come across, to help you find the perfect one.

  • Standard L-Shaped

A standard L-shaped sectional sofa is generally a 3 –seat sofa with a loveseat wedge together to fit ideally in the corner of the room. This type of sectional sofa is designed using individual pieces which you can arrange according to your preference. The easily customizable feature allows you to create a different look with respect to different occasions.  This sofa offers a warm and pleasant environment so that all family members and friends can sit together. You can explore a wide range of Ashley Furniture sectional sofas both classic and contemporary L-shaped designs in a variety of colours and materials, and select the one that’s just right for your living room at Dashsquare.

  • Sectional Sofa With A Chaise Lounge

This type of a sectional sofa includes a 3-seater sofa joint at right angles with a chaise lounge. The chaise lounge possesses a backrest and a long seat, enough to stretch out your legs with ease. A family favourite, the L-shaped sectional sofa with a chaise is ideal for smaller spaces as its shape allows it to fit perfectly into a corner to free up valuable living room space. It sets a sophisticated configuration that can look appealing in any modern, contemporary or traditional home environment.

  • U-Shaped Sectional Sofa

With the capacity to facilitate the accommodation of several guests at any given time, U-shaped sectional sofa is perfect for an intimate seating ambience. It is the best pick to carry out conversations naturally with ease. Typically, it is a 3 piece set sofa or a sofa with two chaises. At Ashley Furniture you will extremely comfortable and luxurious U-shaped sectional sofas making chatting and gatherings up close and personal. This kind of setting enables you to enjoy a great evening and relax at the same time with your guests or family members.

  • Sectional Sofa with Ottoman

A movable ottoman can serve multiple purposes as it can act as an extra seating, or even an extension. It can even be used for a footrest, or a substitute for a coffee table or a side table. In addition to this, some ottomans come with additional storage space adding to their utilities in your living room. Due to these versatile features, ottoman is a great addition to your section sofa. If your set doesn’t come with one, you can buy a separate ottoman at Dashsquare.

  • Home Theater Sectionals

The home theater sectionals are new and the most preferred form of motion sectionals enables with modern technology. This type of an installation gives you a theater seating comfort which is customizable as per your preferences and taste. You can find features such as power reclining, folding headrests, Bluetooth speakers, a storage console, LED lighted cup holders, massaging, reclining and heating mechanisms with large armrests. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it has the ability to keep the user entertained for hours by acting as a great solution for movie buffs.

Hope these tips help you the next time when you go out to buy yourself a dazzling sectional sofa. Ashley Furniture sectional sofas will fulfill your dream of making your living room the next best thing!

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Why Shop Furniture at Dashsquare?

Why Shop Furniture at Dashsquare?

No place is complete without the presence of furniture. Whether it is a minimal low-table setting or a high end dining table, furniture is a vital part of every household. You need furniture which is pleasant to look at, possesses good functionality and assigns a signature theme to your space. We at Dashsquare have made it our mission to give you the primemost in terms of quality, utility and design making us one of the best furniture shops in Bangalore.

Dashsquare- Find Desirable Furniture here!

You can now realize your dream of a perfect home with furniture from Dashsquare. We bring you everything from an elegant bed to a stylish sofa and everything else furniture. Design your home and office with our varied collection of modern furniture for bedroom, living room, dining hall, workstations and much more. We have innumerous options that have the power to change your home or office just as you prefer it. Whether you are looking for wooden furniture or classy furnishing options or attractive décor options to redefine your interiors, Dashsquare has it all. You can even find exclusive offers on all furniture types in Bangalore at our store.

Flaunt your style with our Living Room Furniture

Your living room is the center of attraction of your home which speaks volumes about your personality. You spend most of your time with friends and family in your living room space and it tells a story of who you are. Dashsquare is home to a stunning selection of living room furniture. Our designs range from upholstered materials to pure wood work. You can add any of our sofas, sofa sets, recliners and accent chairs to your living room to revamp its look. We cater to all of your requirements at Dashsquare; be it the size, style, pattern or fabric.

Turn Your Bedroom into a Dreamboat

Just like your living room you can choose a theme for your bedroom as well, and use your newly found inspiration to make it a comfortable abode. When it comes to your bedroom furniture, it is about being personal. Keeping this is mind; we make sure you find everything suiting to your taste and comfort. Our staff helps you find out the best piece of furniture in case you are unsure about anything or need any assistance in selection. We have the most luxurious bedroom sets on offer, which includes beds, wardrobes, nightstands, bookcases, mirrors, storage compartment benches, chest drawers, and shelves. You can explore this collection at our store anytime and find compatible furniture to add to your home.

A Fine Dining Table for your home

Dining table makes for the perfect place for conversations over quaint family dinners. Long chatty, old-fashioned perfect family dinners are perfection redefined. When tasty food makes its way to the table, it attracts everyone and our ideal dining options keeps them there. Choose from a wide array of tables, chairs and benches and even try the mix and match sets to make your dining room yours. It is the comfort of the chair and the table size that will make your dining room impeccable to dine in.

So, before you go ahead to buy furniture, keep these pointers in mind;

  1. Keep a record of the rooms’ dimensions and
  2. Explore possible arrangement ideas
  3. Decide your theme
  4. Set a budget
  5. Visit our furniture store in Bangalore

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