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5 Tips to Decorate Your Modern Center Table

5 Tips to Decorate Your Modern Center Table

A center table serves a lot of purposes. It is a place to enjoy a drink, stretch a leg or read a book and acts as a beautiful addition to your living room. Bringing a gracious note to your home, it can double up as a reading spot and a dining table saving you tones of space and money. You can use it for any of these activities and more. However, if you aren’t careful it might also result in a littered mess. It is about taking advantage of the blank canvas sitting right in the middle of your living room. Hence, shying away from getting a little creative will only make it a drab of disappointment. A modern center table for living room can come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your preferences and the room space, you can choose which one to buy.

When revamping your living room decor, decorating a center table is probably the last thing on your mind. Rather than simply using it for a mere storage area for your television remote and some old magazines, there are a million creative ways to use it in order to tie the living room decor together. Using a few design ethics and a little creativity, you can own the most stylish center table in town. In this article, we give you 5 tips to decorate your modern center table;

  1. Layer with a tray

When looking to organize a tabletop while keeping it stylish, a tray is your best bet. A tray will easily segment the center and if needed can also be used to serve food and drinks to your guests. It adds a beautiful symmetry and contemporary structure to your table. For instance, a wicker tray will be a good accessory to add style to a glass center table. It can be used to showcase some of your favorite little adornments while making it easy to remove them if you need to clear the surface for entertainment purposes. This makes it, both a practical and modish way to decorate your table. 

  1. Stack up ‘em books

Using books as a base is another great idea when you are styling your center table. Placing these books artfully will add a more neat and orderly look to your living room. The easiest approach is to start with three books of roughly the same size and stack some small items on top of each. Another option is to apply the rule of three; by stacking a layer of three books alongside a lamp or a vase and place an antique piece on top of the pile.

  1. Add a touch of Fresh flowers

Flowers can be your best friend to turn your living room décor into a work of art. Use a large vase in the center of the table keeping it filled with fresh flowers. If you are more inclined to experiment, you can find three to five vases with varied textures and heights that complement each other. Place the tallest vase in the center and cluster the others around it in a tallest to smallest fashion, and fill these vases with seasonal blooms or cut branches to give your room an inviting touch.

  1. Contrast the colours

Choose a décor that complements the colours of your center table. For example, if the table is made of a dark black wood, accessorize with metallic and crisp white tabletop items. In case, you have a clear table with glass on top any colour choices will be a good idea. Play with a variety of shapes, colours and textures to put your finger on the display for your center table while keeping in mind the rule of the thumb: pairing with opposites. Not only will this make this process interesting, you will be able to unleash your personal style in the process.

  1. Put a throw on it

Using a throw for a center table covering might be a chic option, while being a reasonable one too. It is not necessary to visit the market for a stylish throw; you can make one out of your old pashmina shawl. This is the best when you are trying to minimize the scratches and water rings on the surface. Choose a simple yet elegant design that perfectly goes with the design of your living room

Implement the above tips to explore the artist in you, and wow your guests with a great living room décor.

How to increase productivity with great office furniture?

How to increase productivity with great office furniture?

Every piece of furniture plays an important role in your life, especially office furniture. You spend most of your day at your workplace, at least eight to nine hours. The place we spend most of our times at has a huge contribution on our behavior and shapes our personality. This impact on our behavior promotes both physical and mental well-being, ultimately affecting our creativity and productivity. The ambiance has the ability to both lift your mood and bring it down. This is the main reason that most office spaces are giving their workplaces an innovative makeover by including new and stylish executive office furniture in their office.

It may seem that furniture would be the last thing affecting one’s productivity at work, and something you and your business need not worry about. However, you’ll be surprised to know the importance of office furniture in improving your organization’s productivity. Here we take a look at some of the things you can do with your office furniture to maximize the workplace productivity.

  1. Ergonomic Office Chairs offer comfort

When putting together furniture for your office, the comfort of your employees should be one of your prime concerns. Ergonomic office chairs offer more than mere comfort. They help provide a better posture in turn preventing both short and long-term musculoskeletal problems. Readjusting positions constantly might sway the employees’ focus from their work affecting the progress. On the contrary, comfortable employees can emphasize on the task at hand achieving better results. Each individual has a different built and height; and an ergonomic chair suit everyone’s need in the best possible manner. It is designed in a way which gives freedom to the user for making adjustments to find the most optimal height and angle for them to work.

  1. Vibrant colors bring enthusiasm

Colors have forever been proven to assist in lifting one’s spirit. With bright colored office furniture, you can be sure to alleviate stress and increase creativity of your employees. Therefore, you need to carefully research before you decide the color for your office décor and furniture.

Vibrant colors offer a pleasant working environment promoting enthusiasm in your team. Some of the best choices could be green, blue and yellow. You can contrast these with a white or neutral color on the walls.

  1. Easy access to most used items

Be it a printer or a water cooler, it is imperative to keep them handy to ease the efforts for your employees. Often, workers put off their work in order to get up and go to an additional place to complete a certain task. This will gradually hinder their productivity. Hence, keeping items at a place which is easily accessible will benefit their work. 

  1. Natural Lighting is important

In addition to the type of office furniture you choose, you should consider proper positioning of the same as well. A lack of natural light might cause negative effects on people, affecting their sleep patterns. This ultimately impacts their functional abilities throughout the day making them less productive. More natural lighting coming inside the office makes the employees better focused and more alert. It also prevents any complications is sleep quality, daytime dysfunctions and sleep disturbances.

  1. Standing desks make you healthier

Sitting for prolonged hours comes with its own set of negative health effects. A standing desk is a start to solving this issue. Office workers are often advised to take a break and get up to make movements throughout the day. Whenever it is not easy to just walk away from the task at hand, standing desks come into play. They are proven to reduce the risks of obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases along with improving posture.

Unique Home Decorative Items in Bangalore

Unique Home Decorative Items in Bangalore

Even when you have the perfect furniture to match the decor theme of your dream home, you should still be on the lookout for home decorative items in Bangalore. That’s because it is the little things that really elevate the look and feel of your house. There are many home decorative items in Bangalore that you can find and incorporate into making your home detailed and unique.

Home decorative items include home accessories, wall art, furniture accessories and other knick knacks that add personality to your home. No matter which room you’re decorating, it’s always advisable to incorporate at least one major decorative item, other than the functional furnitures and multiple other smaller items. For example, while decorating a traditional themed living room, you can incorporate a beautiful chandeliers, while also complimenting the walls with some nice wall decor pieces.

You can incorporate photo frames and personalize your home with pictures of friends, family and loved ones. they can be used in a multitude of ways, either as wall-art or as center table accessories. Decorating the wall behind your sofa set with a series of candid family photographs, encased in beautiful picture frames are a lovely way of creating a homely family environment in your living room, where the whole family can get together. Or you can have couple photo frames placed on the nightstands by your bed and create an intimate environment for your spouse and yourself.

You can also include different lighting items in your home to decorate it beautifully. Table lamps add a traditional yet mood-altering effect to your place, whereas floor lamps look quite modern and contemporary. Beautifully created wall lighting fixtures are also effective in creating the impression of a larger space and can be incorporated into your living room or dining room to visually expand these rooms.

These are just a couple of examples of how unique home decorative items that are found in Bangalore can be utilized to add on to the unique theme and look of your home. Browse the best luxury furniture stores in Bangalore like Dash Square and find more such interesting home decor items for your dream home.

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Modernized Center Tables In Bangalore

Modernized Center Tables In Bangalore

Before you head on to all the Home Furniture Stores and Center Table Stores in Bangalore, let’s discuss the importance of living in a home that has been tailored exactly to your taste and requirements. That is why there are so many different home decor aesthetics – starting from traditional Victorian style to contemporary chic, from urban modern to rustic charm.

The living space of your home needs to perfectly reflect your style and design aesthetic since it is the most guest friendly part of the house. Your home decor style should come through properly in your living room, where the center table plays an important role. It is the focal point of your living room and plays the most important role in determining the seating arrangement in there. In order to create a trendy and modern living room, you need to make sure to visit the best Center Table Stores in Bangalore and pick out the perfect center table for your living room.

While looking for designer furniture in Bangalore, you might come across different varieties of modern style center tables for your living space. These center tables can be round, rectangular or any other unique shape. They usually consist of clean lines and sharp edges to enhance the minimalist appeal of modern decor, and not too many curves.

There are different types of modern center table to go with the specific theme of your modern styled home. With a contemporary metal center table, you can achieve a very luxurious look for your living space, especially if you compliment it with a thick, furry floor rug. A mirrored center table is always a good idea to create the effect of an amplified living space. A center table with a transparent glass top and natural elements inspired supports can also impart an interesting look and feel to your home.

Ensure that your home has the right kind of modern decor by browsing through the Best Center Table Stores in Bangalore and other Luxury Furniture Stores in Bangalore and start decorating a modern style contemporary living room.

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