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Why Choose In Store Furniture Shopping Over Online

Why Choose In Store Furniture Shopping Over Online

Though technology has brought the world closer to us, making our lives easy, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Just because you can buy virtually anything online, doesn’t mean you should. There is a high possibility that you might miss something important while short listing products online. On the other hand, in store shopping reaps you benefits which you will find better to invest in.

Here we present a few factors which will encourage you to shut down your browser window and pay a visit to our luxury furniture store.

  1. Delivery options: It may seem easy to book and get your selected furniture home delivered, but there’s something you are unaware of. The key issue to consider here is how quickly you need the product. The option of same-day delivery is still not available easily and mostly limited to select cities, if it is. Though, the truth is that the online delivery is not much faster than shopping in person, and in many cases it actually takes longer.
  2. You don’t always get what you see: This is a very probable aspect of online shopping, making it one of the biggest disadvantages. While you can easily make out how a piece of furniture will look when you are shopping in store, you cannot say the same about purchasing one online. When you see something online, you can’t gauge how it will turn up in reality. But, in stores you get to check the look and feel of the product, by touching it or sitting on it and complete all quality tests before making the purchase. A computer screen won’t let you do the same, calling for a replacement many a times.
  3. Offers and Deals:

The belief that you get better offers and discounts than you get in stores might be true for certain products, but not all the great ones. Most of the products are priced about the same online as they are in the store. Retailers save some of their jaw dropping prices during the holiday season for their in store buyers in the form of a mega sale. Need I say more?

  1. False reviews:

It is easy to believe reviews stating that a certain piece of furniture is excellent which will prompt you to make the purchase. But, once you receive it you might not find the quality up to the mark. This is the drawback of reviews. Just because the furniture worked well for one individual, doesn’t mean it will be a good experiences for others too. Your choices and standards might vary from other users and you might not end up as happy as other users with the same product. 

  1. Return hassles:

Returning large products like a couch or a bed could prove to be a hassle if you turn to your plan B. This makes it more important to check out bulky items in person before you buy them. You might find free shipping with some online stores, but it is rare that they will pay for the return trip as well, or might not be available in your area.

  1. Shipping charges:

If you place an order from a source distant to your location, it would most probably cost you shipping in addition to the price of the product. When compared to the local stores that are available nearby your house, the delivery charges are pretty reasonable for you to work it. You even have the option to take the product to your desired location by yourself.

Dashsquare continuously strives to provide users the best furniture shopping experience there is. We ensure that you get supreme quality for every penny you spend on the furniture at our store. Be it luxury furniture for living room or luxury office chairs¸ you will find everything to your liking at one place.

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