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How to increase productivity with great office furniture?

How to increase productivity with great office furniture?

Every piece of furniture plays an important role in your life, especially office furniture. You spend most of your day at your workplace, at least eight to nine hours. The place we spend most of our times at has a huge contribution on our behavior and shapes our personality. This impact on our behavior promotes both physical and mental well-being, ultimately affecting our creativity and productivity. The ambiance has the ability to both lift your mood and bring it down. This is the main reason that most office spaces are giving their workplaces an innovative makeover by including new and stylish executive office furniture in their office.

It may seem that furniture would be the last thing affecting one’s productivity at work, and something you and your business need not worry about. However, you’ll be surprised to know the importance of office furniture in improving your organization’s productivity. Here we take a look at some of the things you can do with your office furniture to maximize the workplace productivity.

  1. Ergonomic Office Chairs offer comfort

When putting together furniture for your office, the comfort of your employees should be one of your prime concerns. Ergonomic office chairs offer more than mere comfort. They help provide a better posture in turn preventing both short and long-term musculoskeletal problems. Readjusting positions constantly might sway the employees’ focus from their work affecting the progress. On the contrary, comfortable employees can emphasize on the task at hand achieving better results. Each individual has a different built and height; and an ergonomic chair suit everyone’s need in the best possible manner. It is designed in a way which gives freedom to the user for making adjustments to find the most optimal height and angle for them to work.

  1. Vibrant colors bring enthusiasm

Colors have forever been proven to assist in lifting one’s spirit. With bright colored office furniture, you can be sure to alleviate stress and increase creativity of your employees. Therefore, you need to carefully research before you decide the color for your office décor and furniture.

Vibrant colors offer a pleasant working environment promoting enthusiasm in your team. Some of the best choices could be green, blue and yellow. You can contrast these with a white or neutral color on the walls.

  1. Easy access to most used items

Be it a printer or a water cooler, it is imperative to keep them handy to ease the efforts for your employees. Often, workers put off their work in order to get up and go to an additional place to complete a certain task. This will gradually hinder their productivity. Hence, keeping items at a place which is easily accessible will benefit their work. 

  1. Natural Lighting is important

In addition to the type of office furniture you choose, you should consider proper positioning of the same as well. A lack of natural light might cause negative effects on people, affecting their sleep patterns. This ultimately impacts their functional abilities throughout the day making them less productive. More natural lighting coming inside the office makes the employees better focused and more alert. It also prevents any complications is sleep quality, daytime dysfunctions and sleep disturbances.

  1. Standing desks make you healthier

Sitting for prolonged hours comes with its own set of negative health effects. A standing desk is a start to solving this issue. Office workers are often advised to take a break and get up to make movements throughout the day. Whenever it is not easy to just walk away from the task at hand, standing desks come into play. They are proven to reduce the risks of obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases along with improving posture.

The Ultimate Guide to Sofa Shopping

The Ultimate Guide to Sofa Shopping

In order to begin with the process of interior designing you will realize that one of the most important furniture investments for your home is your sofa and also the most permanent. It is better to put some thought into it and look for one which is comfortable and luxurious but at the same time, durable as well. It possesses the power to add an extra layer of charm to any living room. At Dash square we believe that everyone should have the luxury of high-quality sofas by making them more affordable, being the reason we are known as the best brand center on quality of Ashley Furniture sofas. The clarity of the material, built, color and pattern are the essentials before you set your mind to go out and shop.

Here are a few good-to-know tips when you are looking for a sofa. I hope this helps you have a well informed and fun sofa shopping opportunity! Explore Dash square for the best Ashley Furniture sofa to leave all your worries regarding sofa shopping behind.

  1. Suit it to your personality

Firstly a sofa needs to suit your lifestyle. Deciding the room it will go in and the availability of space in the house is the foremost thing to consider. The interiors of your home should be a reflection of your personality, no matter the material you opt for. Choose a style that complements your home. In case the environment is prone to corrosion, you should go for a heavier finish especially if it is a leather sofa. The best choice if looking for good quality leather sofa is to shop protected leather, which is the most durable and less natural in appearance, having a polymer coating.

  1. Cost check

It is a no-brainer that price is a huge factor while shopping for a couch. The cost of the sofa must be in accordance with its material, coating, and pattern. You need to look out for the best designs which are not too heavy on your pocket and align with the budget that you have in mind since sofas are big investments. When purchasing a couch, you are purchasing quality, so impulse buying isn’t a great idea.

  1. Material quality

Aesthetics are significant, but functionality is the most crucial when it comes to choosing a material for your sofa. Ensuring that the material you are opting for is the best in class, without being prone to any wear and tear while lasting long, should be on top of your check list. Suppose if you are buying leather, then check if it is top grain leather or is some of it is vinyl. If it is not pure leather, then this will compromise on the quality you are looking for. The main feature of quality sofas is that they feel solid and heavy. Hence, check if the material is sturdy. If it feels light or wobbly even in the slightest, look for another one.

  1. Color options

The color is very important. Your choice of color may depend on the theme you are opting for or rest of the décor. It can even coordinate with certain key elements of the interiors or can also be the one piece that stands out without having to match anything. Though, it is vital to know that lighter the color, more the maintenance. A sofa can also stand out even if it has a simple color. In order to ensure that, you just need to place it against a contrasting background. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a more colorful sofa, then it is recommended to match it with something for coherence.

So next time you are out for shopping, head straight to Dash square and buy a sofa that makes your room more welcoming. Dashsqaure is home to the largest selection of Ashley Furniture sofas featuring modern designs, which will make your job easy. Go ahead, conquer!

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