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Top ranked High Quality Handcrafted Furniture in Bangalore

Top ranked High Quality Handcrafted Furniture in Bangalore

Having the right home of our own may be a dream for several folks. It’s the accumulative satisfaction of line of work one thing our own beside the sensory gratification of being enclosed by the physical manifestation of our personal aesthetics. That’s why it’s very necessary to seek out the simplest home article of furniture in urban centre for your dream home.

When buying the right home article of furniture in urban centre, you may bump into multiple choices in terms of quality, price, aesthetic and accessibility. At Dashsquare, we have a tendency to compile of these factors to produce you the simplest deal on the simplest furniture. If handcrafted article of furniture is what your heart needs, then this can be one in all the simplest luxury article of furniture stores in urban centre to cater thereto.

There is an enormous craze for handcrafted article of furniture these days. Why is that? There’s one thing naturally additional valuable a few product that has been fastidiously created over many days by somebody, rather than the generic product, that square measure machine generated during a manufactory. The most important quality regarding owning handcrafted article of furniture is that they can’t be duplicated. No 2 handcrafted articles of furniture items are often similar – as there’ll be variations in color, shading, textures, form and grain.

At Dash square, you’ll expertise actuality luxury of handcrafted product that is created by article of furniture consultants. Most of our handcrafted article of furniture product lines is often custom-made in step with your personal style. You’ll choose a metal leg or associate degree tangled and solid prosthetic device, you’ll choose a animal skin upholstery or a comfy material one. You’ll even take completely different colors once it involves handcrafted article of furniture. Once combined along, each single component can close to form one thing distinctive and delightful, only for your home.

Be it an impressive four poster bed to mollycoddle yourself within the chamber or a singular lounge to entertain guests within the lounge, handcrafted article of furniture won’t solely offer you quality things of ornament for your personal heaven, however additionally build your home look one during a million. thus head on right down to the Dash sq. luxury article of furniture store in urban centre, to buy for stunning and distinctive handcrafted home article of furniture in urban centre.

Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Furniture Shopping!

Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Furniture Shopping!

Buying furniture has forever been a tiring and complex task. You don’t buy a sofa just the way you buy an oven or a laptop. Most of the time, you can’t even carry the couch out of the store with you, nor do you have a great idea of when it will get to your living room. While people spend months to find the perfect home or the ideal car, seldom do they give the same importance to buying the asset that makes their home unique, i.e. furniture. Though you might feel that the stakes are not too high for buying an uncomfortable couch as they are if you buy a tiny car, but unknowingly you will spend most of your money in buying furniture in the years to come.

Thanks to the digital age and the advent of more stores than ever, there are a million options for you to choose from. It might be both advantageous and confusing at the same time. At one hand, it is great that you can now compare and make a good choice; on the other hand you might get duped due to various sales tactics that high end furniture brands offer you. You must have flipped through the pages of every furniture catalogue known to man, racking up a pile at home by now. But rush in too quickly and you’ll make mistakes that you might regret later. Let us check some of the most common mistakes made while furniture shopping.

  • Forgetting to take measurements:

This is the most common mistake out of all. You should always measure your room ahead of buying the furniture to see how the new furniture will fit. There is nothing worse than buying brand- new furniture only to discover that it won’t get through your doorway. Taking account of your doors, elevators, stairs and hallways will turn out to be beneficial in this regard.

The same goes for the furniture as well. Since showrooms can make furniture look deceptively large or deep, you don’t want any last minute surprises. Hence, it is important to measure so that your new piece can match the scale of the furniture you already own.

  • Not assessing your lifestyle:

Selecting pieces that suit your lifestyle is imperative, not only for the present but for the years ahead as well. You should know how long to plan on keeping a certain piece of furniture, and the lifespan of the same. Whether you prefer watching the television while sitting on the couch or usually put your feet up that center table, you must analyze these aspects when buying any kind of furniture for your home.

  • Heading straight for the ‘Set’:

Feeling overwhelmed with all the choices available to you is a natural thing if you are a first-time furniture shopper. This might make you more inclined to just grab the entire display that catches your eye on different catalogues or at a store, and furnish your home with it.

Your sofa and chairs or your coffee tables need not match, but must complement each other instead. Designing is all about experimenting with different textures or styles, and mixing tones till you find the perfect one for your room. You can buy any Ashley Furniture sofa sets or create one of your own at our store.

  • Ignoring the functionality:

Another important aspect is to consider the functionality of the furniture you need to buy and knowing who will be using it. Especially, people with pets or children need to consider the same when they head out to empty their pockets on an expensive piece of furniture. You wouldn’t want to buy a light coloured couch, only to find it filled with muddy paws or dirty hands once at home. Determining the sturdiness, quality and durability should be combined with how the furniture will be used.

  • Rushing Into Everything:

It is never an ideal idea to rush into anything. Especially when it comes to buying furniture, impulse decisions could lead to your worst nightmares. You should resist the urge to make hasty decisions and impulse buying is one of them. Think about the comfort level, the quality of the wood, know the maintenance a piece will require in the years to come, and stay within your price range unless it is something worth it.

Make sure you keep these in mind, when you are out shopping the next time. Without knowing you will help yourself from any potential problems in the future. Drop by Ashley Furniture Store to build the home of your dreams.


Choosing the Perfect Ergonomic Chair

Choosing the Perfect Ergonomic Chair

You spend most of your time at work sitting in an office chair, which is bound to have an effect on your spine. This makes it important to prevent any serious back problems that might develop by using a chair which is ergonomic with lower back support and fosters good posture. When talking about an executive office chair, ergonomic is the most ideal. Several characteristics of well-designed ergonomic office chairs which prove their advantages have been laid down by scientists. Try Dashsquare Ashley Chairs to feel comfort and stress free, featuring top ergonomic chair designs for your office.

Choosing the best Ergonomic Office Chair

Before you set your mind to shopping for chairs for your office, you must consider some aspects that accent the ergonomic feature.  These factors include the following;

  • The Height:

Since no t everyone has the same size, so the ergonomic office chairs should have an adjustment lever attached. Usually the standard height of about 16 to 21 inches is a good measure and works for most people, such that their thighs can be parallel to the floor and their arms up to the right height when compared with their desks. 

  • Width and Depth:

The seat should be wide and deep enough to suit any user comfortably. When you look for an ergonomic chair, make sure you to look for one that is about 17 to 20 inches in width. Depth is the space from the front of the seat to the back. This needs to be enough for the user to sit with his or her back against the backrest while leaving about 2 to 4 inches between the back of the knees and the front edge of the chair.

  • Backrest:

The main aim of a comfortable ergonomic chair is overall back support, which can be 12 to 19 inches wide. It should be able to support the natural curve of the spine. The attention to the spine is important here and the best ergonomic chair makes sure that this is well attended to. If the backrest is not attached to the seat, it should be adjustable in height and angle along with a locking mechanism in order to prevent it from changing angles again and again.

  • Lumbar support:

The lumbar or lower back support in an ergonomic chair is extremely vital. Sitting for longer time periods with no support for the lumbar spine results in slouching, a condition in which the lower spine faces immense strain. The adjustable lumbar support in an ergonomic chair helps each user to get the ideal fit to support the inward curve of the lower back. In order to prevent any further damage to the lower back, it is recommended to look for chairs that won’t force one to slouch while seated.

  • Seat Material:

The seat should be made of a material which is comfortable enough to sit on for long hours. If the seat pan is made from low-density foam, continuous use can cause it to become permanently deformed and no longer adequate to provide cushioned support. This will eventually lead to discomfort, imbalance, and hip and back fatigue. A cloth fabric that allows breathing is preferred over a harder surface.

  • Swivel:

Easy rotation is a major priority when it comes to ergonomic chairs. Any conventional chair should give the user the freedom of rotation to make it easy for him or her to reach different areas of the desk without any strain.

  • Armrests:

The armrests of office chairs should be adjustable according to the preference of any person in order to allow shoulders to feel relaxed. They need to be designed in a way that they are broad, contoured, cushioned and relaxing. According to the situation, one should be able to modify the height of the armrests if needed.

The features above define a good ergonomic chair. The collection of Ashley chairs at Dashsquare makes sure that you shop an ergonomic chair worth every dime you spend, while providing you with extreme comfort. So, next time when you go out to shop for an ergonomic chair to accent your workplace’s appeal; look no further. Happy Buying!

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5 Reasons Why a Good home needs Good Furniture

5 Reasons Why a Good home needs Good Furniture

Moving into a new home might come with its share of work and challenges, but your dream home deserves the best of both worlds in everything. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of things needed to design home. From the paint on the walls to the length of the window pane, each has a hand in deciding the theme for the entire house. However, you cannot give a finished look without the right furniture. It is responsible for the overall beauty of your home. The furniture takes up the majority of space and helps make your home feel lived in, welcoming and complete. Hence, this furniture needs to be in cohesion across rooms, and be given utmost importance while selection. When choosing Home furniture in Bangalore, it is crucial to pick timeless, functional pieces that fit your space and budget.

Let’s look at why a good home needs good furniture to make it extraordinary;

  1. Furniture completes your home

Big or small no matter how much the space, unless it is accompanied by perfect furniture; it is still incomplete. To give your home a definition and make the best out of the available space, you need to buy quality furniture. Shopping for your favorite look can be difficult, so you can discover more designs, colors of Furniture’s in Bangalore only @ Dash square.

  1. Furniture strikes a balance

Design begins with balance. Whether it is your daily life or the interiors of a house, balance needs to be spot on. The visual appeal gets a boost when everything feels equal in terms of weight and charm. This involves a chain of numerous ways including shape, pattern, color and texture.

  1. It gives a look and feel to your house

Any look you wish your dream home had, furniture is your way to go. Getting pitch perfect about the type of furniture, placing them at the right location and contrasting the color with the color of the house matters the most. For example, while selecting the wardrobes and dressing tables making sure that they go hand-in-hand with your bed, will add a feather in your bedroom style.

  1. Reflects standard

Which is the first thing that catches your guests’ eyes? The look and design of your home, obviously. Furniture is the foremost thing required to make your home appealing. Combining the strengths of high-end quality, extreme comfort and classy luxury, the furniture you choose makes your home look attractive. In addition to putting your house on the map, the quality defines an individual’s standards as well.

  1. Brings out your individuality

When you start to vision your dream home turning into a reality, you realize no matter how many tutorials you have watched for interior designing, your personal touch is what makes the difference. It is obvious that your style is reflected in your sense of interiors. Once you begin, you will surely find aspects of your personality reflect in your home.

There are innumerous examples of how furniture can benefit not only in looks, but create a positive effect on your daily life. At Dash square, we understand this perfectly, making shopping for home furniture in Bangalore easier than ever.

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